A mix of action and narration

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A mix of action and narration

Chandiraneke Oduvanamma, a short story from Jayanth Kaykini’s work, Amruthavalli Kashaya, was recently adapted for the stage and performed at the Suchitra Academy in Banashankari II Stage. The director, Mounesh Badiger, explains that every attempt was made to ensure that the play wasn’t just a drama but a ‘watchable story’ (noduva kathe). “It speaks about the human consciousness and realisation,” he explains, adding that he chose the actors from a workshop he held recently.

Pramod, who plays the role of the protagonist Parthiva Sharma, explains that the play is about the philosophical enlightenment of a man who is stuck in a monotonous and mundane lifestyle in Mumbai. He misses his son, who has been sent away to boarding school, and is always reprimanded by his wife Pammi for his quiet attitude. His life takes a turn when he meets with a small accident.

This event changes his attitude, making him look at life with a completely new perspective. Pramod mentions that this role changed him personally. “Enacting this role made me realise what this story is capable of and how this change is precious to me. My attitude towards life has changed,” he says, adding that the play has so much meaning that he found it difficult to pass this on to the audience.

Mounish explains that the play is a combination of action and narration. “Without concentrating on the leaf of a tree, you cannot touch the roots. This play is not just enacted like a drama but is being told like a story using actors,” he explains.
Sahana and Shree Raksha, who portray Parthiva’s wife in the past and present, talk about the narration and action. Sahana mentions, “It is like you are reading a book that is being explained by the characters.

It is because of certain circumstances that Parthiva realises the value of life.” Shree Raksha adds, “It has wonderful but also difficult, both for thirty days during which the workshop was conducted and also after we were assigned the roles. It was pure training and we learnt a lot. Personally, I love this play and always wanted to attempt such a role.”

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