Studying in india

Studying in india

Pursue a job you'll love doing till you die

Studying in india

Dear Sir,

I'm studying in class 10. I wish to enter organic agriculture industry. I found out that BSc and MSc in organic agriculture are available. But I don't think that these are the right courses for my field. Could you please suggest some suitable courses and universities? Do I need to take up any exams to pursue these courses? Do you think organic agriculture is a good choice for a person who has interest in Biology? Do I need to even take up Business Management if I want to be an entrepreneur later?


Dear Vaibhavi,

Though away from the beaten track, Organic Agriculture is indeed a very promising field for a person who is interested in biology, loves the outdoors and laboratory work, can interact with rural people, and has a passion to improve the food production of the country. A basic four year BSc (Agriculture) from any University of Agriculture will prepare you well for this career, and subsequently you can decide on your higher studies.  
There are even specialized MBAs available in areas such as Agricultural Produce Marketing if you are interested in the commercial side, otherwise you can go for higher professional studies to prestigious institutions such as Indian Agriculture Research Institute Delhi (IARI), Central Food Technology Research Institute Mysore (CFTRI), National Institute of Nutrition Hyderabad (NIN)  and many others.  If you have explored and understood the field well, then do not dilute your interest by doubting and getting distracted. Aim for the best college through CET and other entrance exams.

Dear Sir,

I am pusuing my BE in  2nd semester E&E, but I am interested in astrophysics and theoretical physics. Can I go for MSc in astrophysics or theoretical physics soon after completion of my BE? Kindly guide me.

A student.

Dear Student,

It is definitely possible for you to do a post-graduation in astro or theoretical physics after your engineering degree.  In fact, many scientists pursuing physical sciences come from an engineering background. Ensure that you get into a good institution like Indian Institute of Astrophysics (, Indian Institute of Science ( in Bangalore, or BITS Pilani ( or an IIT/NIT. Admission for such courses is comparatively not as competitive as the JEE and other popular entrance exams.

Dear Sir,

I am a student pursuing my 3rd year 6th semester engineering in electronics and communication. I would love to pursue my dual degree after my engineering. Are there any other colleges that offer dual degree? What all are the exams that i need to take up to get into it?


Dear Nimisha,

Dual degree courses offer integrated programs that take you through two levels. It could be BTech+MTech or BE+MBA, or BSc+MSc (most of these are 5 year courses), or they could be integrated MTech+PhD programs. Since you are already doing an engineering degree course, you can aim for the latter type of courses if you are interested in research, teaching, quality control, or product development. You can try for admission in any of the innumerable colleges and universities including IITs, NITs, BITS Pilani, VIT, IISc etc. Admission is through their own entrance exams.

Dear Sir,

I am studying my engineering in (E & C). I am an average student, and trying hard to study this branch. I feel insecure when I think about myself. All this made me to loose one year of my studies. I will be pursuing 3rd year in June. I’m worried aboutwhether or not I’ll have a job in future. Please help me through this branch for 2 more years.


Dear Vincent,

Even though you have lost a year, it is good to see your determination to complete the course. You are now past the half-way mark, and you may practice these methods to complete your course successfully:

(1) Study the topic that is going to be taught before you attend the lectures
(2) Survey the entire topic/chapter to understand all that it covers and how it connects to previous and succeeding chapters
(3) Keep a systematic, regular time table
(4) Revise periodically even if you think you know the topic
(5) Take the help of teachers, seniors or classmates by marking off what you do not understand and asking them to clarify.

Also, make plans of your future, preferably using your engineering degree to get into non-technical fields such as management, HR, administration, communication, whatever you are good at and will enjoy doing for the rest of your life. This will bring back your motivation and ensure that you make a good future.

Dr Ali Khwaja is the founder and chairman of Banjara Academy.
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