Struggling to get right and wrong right

Kumbha Rashi
Kannada (U/A) ¬¬¬
Director: B K Chandrahas
Cast: Chethan Chandra, Roopika, Gururaj Hoskote, Sharath Lohitashwa

This film has an interesting title and the hero’s eight-pack abs in the posters perked up interest in the plot somewhat with some mentioning “Nan Kadavul” in the same breath!
But this film too runs true to form.

An interesting beginning melding into the usual underworld operations with a pathetic attempt at inserting a bit of romance before ending tamely. What could have been a gripping story suffers from the moment the hero is handed over to the villain, descending into chaotic sequencing, or wait a minute, was that Nagendra Urs’ editing? It is difficult to slot the hero anywhere — is he a loverboy, a wronged son or a wayward brat who turns into a killing machine thanks to being brought up in a cemetery?

 There are many such confusions throughout and the lead pair is given very little time to let sparks fly. Too many things are taken for granted. Plus, the famous eight-pack abs are revealed for a couple of seconds or more, adding to the disappointment. For, Shree Vathsa’s music is fresh and the melody is like balm to abused ears. Jai Anand’s camera is guilty of trying to pack in too many tricks in the songs — a distraction and little else. Chethan Chandra’s efforts appear wasted as there is little he can do though turning in a decent performance.

He simply cannot fit into a powerful role rendered a caricature by the director. Roopika was not at all needed in the film.

It is Gururaj Hoskote who steals the show with a tear-inducing act near the climax. Sharath Lohitashwa infuses menace into his character but others are dispensable.
“Kumbha Rashi” disappoints big time.

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