Govt may review varsities Bill

Govt may review varsities Bill

Govt may review varsities Bill

The Private Universities Bill passed during the last session of the previous Assembly could hit a roadblock with Higher Education Minister R V Deshpande stating that it was a policy matter and the Cabinet would discuss its pros and cons.

The Bill had been passed by the BJP government in both Houses of the State legislature, despite opposition by the then principal Opposition party, the Congress. Deshpande told reporters on Monday that the Bill, being a policy matter, will be discussed in the Cabinet.

“The Congress party had opposed the Bill, but I wasn’t a member of the legislature when it was tabled and passed. The Cabinet, in its wisdom, will decide on it.”

The fees charged by private universities cannot be afforded by students from the poor classes. The pros and cons of private universities have to be studied, he said.

The government’s responsibility in providing quality higher education in the State too has to be decided, he said.

Deshpande said he too was an aspirant for the chief minister’s post, but did not lobby.

“The party has made Siddaramaiah the chief minister. I have been made a minister and allotment of portfolios is the chief minister’s prerogative. I am satisfied with the departments allocated”.

Deshpande opposed the imposition of entry taxes on vehicles by the Goa government and promised to take up the issue at the highest level. The move by Goa was not sensible and it would not only affect tourism in that State, but also the commoners, the minister said.