First case after ex-PM's death was attempt to murder

First case after ex-PM's death was attempt to murder

Twenty-five years ago, it was on the statement of Head Constable Narayan Singh, an eyewitness, that the police first registered a case on charges of attempted murder against the bodyguards, Beant Singh and Satwan Singh, which was later converted to a murder case.

“Initially, the case was registered under sections concerning attempt to murder as Indira Gandhi was not declared dead. Later, the FIR was converted into a murder case,” a senior police official said.

Narayan, posted as a Head Constable at Gandhi’s official residence at 1 Safdurjung Road in the “isolation cordon” of the security ring, was walking along with Indira Gandhi holding an umbrella to shelter her from sun when her Sikh bodyguards pumped bullets into the then prime minister.

His statement was recorded by 11 pm, within two hours after the bodyguards opened fire at the prime minister.

“Around 9:10 am Gandhi along with R K Dhawan, came out and started walking towards 1 Akbar Road to meet an Irish delegation. I started walking with her, umbrella in my hands trying to shelter her from the sun. Apart from us, Nathuram, Prime Minister’s personal attendant, was present,” he said in his statement to the Tuglak Road police station.

Narayan Singh gave the statement to Inspector Rajender Prakash at AIIMS where Indira Gandhi was rushed after being shot at. Narayan told police that Indira Gandhi was injured in the firing and fell down. Assistant Sub-Inspector Rameshwar Dayal also got injured in the firing.