Likith grabs day one honours

Sizzling Shraddha of NAC clinches two gold medals

Likith grabs day one honours

Likith SP of Basavanagudi Aquatics Centre (BAC) created a new meet record of 1:07.82 on his way to clinching the gold in the Group I boys’ 100M breaststroke on the opening day of the State Sub-junior and Junior Aquatics Championships at the BAC here on Wednesday.

Shraddha S of Nettakallappa Aquatics Centre (NAC) bagged two gold medals in the Group II girls’ 100M breaststroke and 800M freestyle events.

In the 100M breaststroke, Shraddha claimed the yellow metal timing 1:23.67, narrowly missing the 20-year-old State record set by BAC’s Sajini Shetty (1:21.61) in 1993.

“I was not targetting the record but am very happy that I won, this is my best timing and I’ve improved by three seconds, so it feels good,’’ the 14-year-old from Delhi Public School, South student said.

Meanwhile, 14-year-old Likith was happy with his performance in beating the record of Aditya Roshan (1:09.07) of the then KC Reddy Swim Centre (KCR) set earlier this year.

However, the promising tenth standard student felt there was scope for improvement. “I was expecting the gold and the record but I could have done much better,’’ the Sri Kumaran Children’s Home student said.

Dolphin Aquatics’ Gaurav Yadav KA bagged the silver with a timing of 1:12.50 while Vaishnav Hegde of Jai Hind Swim Club, Mangalore settled for the bronze timing 1:16.34.

Riddhi S Bohra of PM Swim Centre took the silver at 1:25.14 and BAC’s Rhia Singh had to be content with the bronze at 1:26.85.

In the 800M freestyle, Shraddha grabbed the gold with a timing of 10:17.86 while Ranjana H of BAC took the silver medal at 10:43.94 and compatriot Nikitha SV was the bronze medal winner timing 10:45.53.

Results: Boys: Group I: 100M breaststroke: Likith SP (BAC) (NMR: 1:07.82, OR: Aditya Roshan (KCR) 1:09.07) 1; Gaurav Yadav KA (Dolphin Aquatics) 1:12.50, 2; Vaishnav Hegde (JSC) 1:16.34, 3.

1500M freestyle: Mohammad Yaqoob Saleem (PMSC) 16:54.70, 1; Mitesh M Kunte (BAC) 16:55.28, 2; Vishwesh Dudham (BAC) 18:03.32, 3.

Group II: 100M breaststroke: Manav D (Dolphin Aquatics) 1:15.11, 1; Spandan P Rath (BAC) 1:17.78, 2; Rohin B Shivaprakash (PMSC) 1:20.83, 3.

800M freestyle: Sanjeev R (PMSC) 09:12.98, 1; S Siva (BAC) 09:45.96, 2; Karan K Raju (NAC) 10:01.82, 3.

Group III: 200M freestyle: Sri Hari Nataraj (Dolphin Aquatics) 2:25.49, 1; P Kushal (Dolphin Aquatics) 2:28.21, 2; Vikram Gowda (GSC) 2:29.07, 3.

Group IV: 100M freestyle: Raj Vinayak Relekar (PMSC) 1:12.12, 1; Deep Venkatesh Gilda (PMSC) 1:15.82, 2; R Vaibhav Shet (GSC) 1:16.05, 3.

Girls: Group I: 100M breaststroke: Charu Hamsini DA (BAC) 1:22.43, 1; Deeksha Ramesh (GSC) 1:23.21, 2; Monisha G (BAC) 1:32.60, 3.

1500M freestyle: Monisha G (BAC) 21:39.70, 1; Khushnaaz Soni (Dolphin Aquatics) 21:54.73, 2; Prerana Nesar (GSC) 22:19.87, 3.

Group II: 100M breaststroke: Shraddha S (NAC) 1:23.67, 1; Riddhi S Bohra (PMSC) 1:25.14, 2; Rhia Singh (BAC) 1:26.85, 3.

800M freestyle: Shraddha S (NAC) 10:17.86, 1; Ranjana H (BAC) 10:43.94, 2; Nikitha SV (BAC) 10:45.53, 3.

Group III: 200M: Anusha L (PMSC) 2:33.46, 1; Harshitha J (BAC) 2:34.12, 2; Nandini SS (BAC) 2:35.55, 3.

Group IV: 100M freestyle: Khushi Dinesh (BAC) 1:12.22, 1; Poojitha G Murthy (BAC) 1:13.44, 2; Riddhi Juyal (PMSC) 1:17.81, 3.

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