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Last Updated 30 May 2013, 14:06 IST

One room in the home that everyone wishes was bigger is the bathroom. In a survey conducted by a plumbing supplies company, almost half of the respondents said they “wish they could make their bathroom larger.”

Anything new costs money and obviously a new bathroom costs a lot of money. If a new bathroom isn’t in your budget, you can turn a small bathroom into one that feels spacious without a total renovation. The first step is in choosing the appropriate colours.

 The goal is to blend in, but try to make a statement. Using an intense palette can weigh down a small room so try using pastels and neutral colours. These will add size and depth to a tiny space. This colour scheme should be continued to the trim, vanity and door so as to create a “disappearing” look that will elongate the walls. Also it eliminates the hard edges created by drastic changes in colour. Your eyes will flow seamlessly across the room.

The faucets and other accessories you choose make a statement. This is one area where spending a little extra money to choose a fashionable uncomplicated design can provide a beautiful focal point in your bath.

Don’t look upon a mirror as just a reflector of your face rather as a space stretcher. Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light. This makes for a bigger brighter look. Thus a great trick for improving the room’s reflectivity is to hang a large, horizontal along the longest wall of the bath.

Advice is only useful if it can be followed. If a large mirror is too expensive there is no use thinking about it. But not to worry, the same effect can be created by grouping an arrangement of smaller mirrors. And on the topic of mirrors, your Physics classes need not go in vain. Hanging two mirrors on opposite walls can create the illusion of a never-ending room — yes, the optical illusion created by “infinite mirrors.”

Big and bulky are out. Traditional large vanities with cabinet drawers may provide storage space but can make an already petite looking bath appear even smaller. To avoid this, try to install a vanity with open storage areas.

Another common storage trick that professionals use is to try suspending shelving as this gives a contemporary feel. This gives a more spacious look by giving the shelving a light and airy appearance.

So, rather than mourn the fact that your bathroom is small, go about making it appear big.

(Published 30 May 2013, 14:06 IST)

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