Former mayors see red

Former mayors see red

Talking to Deccan Herald, PR Ramesh said there was no need for this project when Metro was already coming. “Objective of the Metro Rail project is to mainly boost public transport system in order to minimise usage of individual vehicles. When that objective is going to be achieved where is the necessity of a grade separator to minimise traffic flow?” asked Ramesh.

Former mayor M Ramachandrappa said the BBMP should have given preference to local residents. “These facilities are meant for the local residents who were completely ignored in this case. The civic agencies involved in it did not think of seeking public opinion about it. Whatever is happening, is shady. The work was started stealthily which raises many eyebrows,” said Ramachandrappa.

He added that the BBMP should have waited for some more time to see the effect of Metro on this project.

Another former mayor Huchchappa was so displeased with the project that he threatened to stage a massive demonstration at the site within a week if the work is not brought to a halt. “If they are so keen on spending money then there are hundreds of other projects in Bangalore to be taken up. BBMP does do any of the projects effectively. Just one rain is enough to wash away the newly asphalted road. We have Kadirenahalli and Puttenahalli underpass projects, which are yet to be completed,” said Huchchappa.

What people say...

Disregard for public opinion

The Tagore Circle underpass typifies everything that is wrong about the manner in which the city is being governed.
Be it BBMP or BMRCL or BDA, or any other civic agency, there is gross disregard for public opinion, high court orders, environmental damage and simple common sense. Official behaviour towards the tax-paying public is marked by arrogance and high-handedness. Civic agencies do not hesitate to use force against the victims of their lopsided 'development' projects. 
Eventually, the work at Tagore Circle will continue as planned, and another pristine locality will be destroyed, in the name of some development 'mission'. The BMRCL has already gone berserk on KR Road, wiping out green cover, middle-class homes and academic institutions alike. Now, with the underpass work at Tagore Circle, Basavangudi is finished.

SK Srinivas

Not on residential localities

There is hardly any justification for this Tagore Circle Underpass. Underpasses are not normally undertaken within the city limits in residential localities but on highways and outer ring roads having large open spaces. That way the underpass at Mekhri Circle was justified.
The underpass constructed at Malleswaram Circle  at a huge cost in the teeth of strong public opposition and against expert opinion has also not served the intended purpose. There is hardly any appreciable difference when compared with the time taken earlier to traverse this stretch.
Moreover, when the Metro work is going on in full swing and is expected to be commissioned in two or three years time, is it not prudent to wait for its completion and see its impact on the traffic?

M K Subba Rao

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