'I am an out of control actor!'

'I am an out of control actor!'

He knows how to charm and surprise his audience, for he is Anupam Kher. Just before his solo-performance at Siri Fort was about to start, he walked down from the stage, bypassing the request of his security bouncers to mingled with the audience and to prove Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai, also the name of his play.

The 301st show of this play allowed Delhiites to a become witness to the skills of the ace actor, who despite a hectic schedule, continues his tryst with theatre. It hasn’t been easy but his “passion” gives him the strength. Also, “the play is about my life so it liberates me. It is about what did not work in my life and yet it is a piece on optimism. So, not only does theatre keep me alive as a person but also keeps me away from getting rusted as an actor because it gives you that possibility. And of course, when you want to do something, you do it. Its only when you don’t have to do it that you create reasons,” he adds commenting on his contemporaries who have given up theatre.

Since the play laid bare all the secrets of his life, one wonders if Anupam was comfortable in making his personal incidents public? “It does take certain amount of courage. I wanted to do the play because it is based on the philosophy of my life. I am an eternal optimist and when I was looking for work as an actor, I used to read autobiographies and get inspired. But thought that since I am an actor, instead of writing I will perform my biography so that people get to see snatches of their life in my renditions of the play.”

While performing, Anupam got nostalgic about his days at NSD in Delhi and even shared tales of his relationships in the City. “Delhi figures in my play as a character. It has my years in Delhi which constitute about one-fourth of the play. But be it New Delhi or New York, the audience has been very kind,” said the actor before the performance.

While he continues to do theatre and films, direction is still on his mind. “Om Jai Jagdish’s not doing well demoralised me a little, and two, I wanted to make a film based on my own story or something that I write myself but I got busy as an actor,” says Anupam who hasn’t directed more films yet but reveals that “Maybe I will direct in sometime.”

Meanwhile, he “has not missed directing” because acting has kept him occupied. From playing a comedian to being a serious cop, he has done it all. However, he rejects any preferences of genres because “People who are trained actors should not talk about genres, else they get typecast. But its nice to make people laugh. There are movies I have done like Special 26 and A Wednesday which are closer to reality and give me greater satisfaction,” he adds sharing, “I am an out of control actor!”

Which will be proved yet again in the film Gang of Ghosts by Satish Kaushik. “He is very dear friend from my NSD days as he was my class fellow. It’s a brilliant film that I am shooting for and looking forward to it,” he signs off.