Re-decorating on a budget

Re-decorating on a budget

A simple way to re-decorate is to re-accessorise. The best manner in which you can do this is to remove all your accessories, put them in a box and start afresh. Work your way from room to room and place your accessories differently. You’ll be surprised by how much change you can achieve by this simple method, suggests Mala Ashok.

You have lived in your home for what feels like years now. You cannot move for a number of reasons. You don’t want to redecorate the present home because you don’t know how long you’ll be there.

Well, you can spruce up your home and give it a new look without breaking the bank or giving up your firstborn child! Decorating your home or rather redecorating it can be done in many simple ways. Here are some examples.

Probably the first item you get fed of is your window dressings such as curtains or blinds. Yes, if you were to undertake changing all the curtains, it would be a major project and could end up being a costly affair. Why don’t you try and rotate the curtains? Quite often, the windows in all or many of the rooms will be of the same size and this will be a very easy way to give you a new look. If some of your curtains are old and frayed, you could consider changing some sheets — ones that you are bored with in your bedroom — into drapes. This look could be enhanced with new modern curtain rods.

A simple way to redecorate is to re-accessorise. The best manner in which you can do this is to remove all your accessories, put them in a box and start anew. Work your way from room to room and place your accessories differently. You’ll be surprised how much change you achieve by this simple means.

Lampshades play a major role in your decor and changing them will go a long way in altering the image of your rooms. Update just the shades, not necessarily the lamps, to more modern shapes and you will be amazed by the difference. If you have time on your hands and are adventurous, you can venture into the world of DIY (do-it-yourself) and try some paint makeovers.

Here, be creative. You don’t need to repaint your whole room. You can paint just one wall in a focal colour.

The possibilities are limitless. If, say, your paint on the walls is still in good condition, you can paint the bookshelf or even just the inside of the bookshelf or you can go all out and paint the ceiling a lighter shade of your walls. All this will make your home look new!

Colours matter

While on the subject of paint, you could really alter your room’s look if you were to repaint in two contrasting colours and stick to these colours in your furnishings and accessories.
For a new look for your new room, take down all the paintings and other artwork in your rooms and move them to different rooms. You will be surprised to find that they will look totally different.

This idea can be further implemented by giving some of your artwork a rest. So what do you put up on your walls? Go retro. Create a gallery wall of family pictures and other small photos using matching or contrasting frames.

One area that is constantly in need of renovation is the kitchen.

You need not necessarily redo the whole kitchen or even the cabinets. Ask yourself “Which is the most worn area of the kitchen?” For most of us, the backsplash is the area which gets messiest and we don’t have time to clean up well in the hubbub of daily life. Since this requires only a square foot of tiles, you can change them and see the difference instantly in your kitchen.

Getting back to really small projects is another idea. Consider beautiful coasters, vases filled with fresh flowers and small but unique desktop photo frames. These are items that can really change the way you feel around your home and draw appreciative comments from your visitors.

Pretty pots

If you have a green thumb and like pottering around with plants, a few terracotta pots painted in vivid colours will serve you well in the kitchen. You could grow spices and herbs while adding to the charm of your kitchen.

Likewise, bathroom accessories go a long way in clearing your bathroom of clutter while adding to its character and appearance. Just replacing the shower curtain in your bathroom can go a very long way in revitalising your bathroom.

When it comes to the decor theme, retro is very much in and with a bit of taste, you can decorate at little or no cost!

The number of things you can do to change the way your home looks is endless; for example maximising the light in a dark room by hanging a framed mirror directly opposite the window.

Look for free items such as shells when you are walking on a beach. Your daily walks or holidays could fetch many such treasures.

Redecorating is an art and a science, we need to enjoy it and take pleasure both in the process and the results.