Gearing up right for a workout

Gearing up right for a workout

Gymming has become fashionable these days. The healthy and the sick, the young and the old and the fat and the slim all want to visit the gym. However, many saunter into the neighbourhood gymnasium in whatever they may have been sleeping in, or else, any casual tee-lower-slippers they can lay their hands on.

Top sports brands, though, don’t sell gym-wear worth thousands for nothing. It is very important that you wear the right workout clothes, appropriate for the kind of exercise you are doing for optimum comfort as well as to avoid injuries.

Neeraj Mehta, master trainer and director, GFFI Fitness Academy, says, “Firstly, whatever kind of exercise you may be doing – kick-boxing, weights or yoga – your clothes should fit your body as well as stretch sufficiently. It is so because loose clothes can get entangled in gym equipment but on the other hand, extremely tight clothes restrict body movement.”

“Next, take note of the fabric of your gym-wear. For light exercises, you can go for airy cottons; but if you are doing heavy exercises or sweat a lot, brands like Nike have brought out something called Dri-FIT. This apparel absorbs copious amounts of sweat and does not leave you feeling wet and uncomfortable. Keep in mind the weather too. Slightly heavier gym-wear is better in winter.”

As far as your tee is concerned, Neeraj says, “For men, dry fit T-shirts, cut-sleeves or basketball jerseys and sweat shirts (with or without sleeves as per weather) are the best. For women, athletic tank tops and sports bras are a must. Talking about lowers, men can go for shorts, three-fourths and full length track pants, and women should opt for leggings. Low waists are a complete no-go.”

And don’t forget to get yourself the correct footwear. Obviously we are not talking about flip-flops or sandals but strictly sports shoes. Neeraj says, “These days, sports brands have specific shoes for indoor biking, treadmill, yoga and even martial arts. You should choose from these depending on the exercise you are going for.”

“An ideal sports shoe should have proper cushioning all over to support your feet, or else, you may sprain a muscle or grow blisters or corns. All of these precautions are even more important if you are going for long-term gymming.”