Reddy's secret meet with RSS leader

Tourism minister airdashes from Bellary to Hubli and avoids escort

Reddy's secret meet with RSS leader

The minister who arrived by a special aircraft from Bellary in the evening, proceeded straightaway to the house of a close acquaintance of the Speaker Jagadeesh Shettar. Reddy, accompanied by Kampli legislator Suresh Babu, didn’t avail the police escort for the journey. Reddy was closeted with Mangesh Bende, the RSS in charge of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, for about two hours. It is said that he had elaborate discussion on the political turmoil over leadership change in the State.
Pradeep Shettar, the brother of Jagadeesh Shettar was also present. Reddy later flew to Hyderbad in the night.

Avoids escort
Minister for Tourism Janardhana Reddy arrived at Hubli on Sunday evening without prior intimation and without even giving a clue about his programme. Reddy gave a slip to the police and left for a secret meeting place.
The police who had learnt about his arrival were waiting at the airport to receive him but on arrival Reddy instructed them not to follow him as he did not need security and quickly got into a small car driven by former Hubli Urban Development Authority chairman Lingaraj Patil and left amidst several cars that surrounded it.
In the rush the police lost the car and were not aware where he went.
Later, he reached the airport in the same car and boarded the flight without talking to the media persons who were waiting for him and took off.

Officials furious
Meanwhile, the officials from the chief minister’s office were furious that the police were unable to follow Janardhana Reddy and took them to task, sources said.
In the current political crisis the chief minister’s office is on constant vigil about every movement of the Reddy brothers.  
They were naturally furious that the police had failed to trackJanardhana Reddy and to inform where the secret meetng was held.

80 MLAs support Shettar
As many as 80 legislators are backing Reddy brothers and Jagadish Shettar who have made a  demand that there should be a change of leadership in the State said BJP youth leader Pradeep Shettar.
He held confidential talks with Janardhan Reddy who arrived in the City.
Day by day the number of legislators who are supporting change of leadership is increasing, he said.

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