An entrepreneurial progression

An entrepreneurial progression


An entrepreneurial progression

She looks chic in a simple Tee and pyjamas when rushing to catch a movie and poses for shutterbugs with the right attitude in an elegant sari or evening gown at award functions. Be it any attire or look, Malaika Arora Khan knows how to pull it off!

For someone who knows how to carry her style, her own clothing line seemed a “natural progression.” In the City recently to meet her fans selected by UTV Stars, Malaika talked to Metrolife about The Closet Label and her life in the ‘Khan’dani family.

Hailing from a simple family, Malaika began by VJing. “Everything in my life has happened by chance. There is no thought process behind it,” she says adding, “I was in college when MTV happened. At that point, for me the fact that I could bunk college and get a pay cheque for it and be on television at the same time was just perfect. I never really thought too much about it.”

The rest is history but every time she did something, she “enjoyed it”. From Chaiyya Chaiyya to Munni, she says, “I gave it my all and took it as a new experience!” And thus became a name who created trends. From being a celebrity judge on reality shows to item numbers even post-motherhood, Malaika has done it all but feels that, “I can’t keep doing the same things over and over again. In life, you have to keep moving forward and keep adding a new feather to your cap. I just want to keep experimenting and keep doing something more.”

“In a space where you have so many opportunities,” Malaika wants to try it all. “Motherhood came at a time when I was at the height of my career. I had decided to get married early and my friends went, ‘Are you crazy?’ But I didn’t think too much about it. I gave it some time and then said, ‘Now I want to have a kid as well’,” she shares smilingly and is grateful for her husband’s support throughout.

“Arbaaz is the same guy. I wouldn’t say there is a marked difference between him as a boyfriend and as a father. He is a very chilled out and sorted person. The transition from being boyfriend to a dad has calmed him down. Back then, he was grappling with so much in life.”

Now that she is all set to launch her label, she has sent all her in-laws “a little something. Unfortunately we don’t have anything for Helen aunty in terms of apparel. I don’t really see her in palazzos so I’ve gifted her accessories.” Whose dressing sense does she admire the most and she thinks hard. How about we suggest yours, Malaika?