Jealous cop hires hitmen to murder lover's cousin

Jealous cop hires hitmen to murder lover's cousin

In a bid to keep the ‘other man’ out of his lover’s life, an Uttar Pradesh policeman allegedly hired contract killers to kill her minor cousin to implicate him in a murder case.

The police on Sunday nabbed the two alleged contract killers identified as Ajeet Rai and Rahul Rai from a village in UP’s Azamgarh district, and solved the murder mystery.

Eighth standard student Maaz had been killed on May 29 in Lucknow.

Akram was suspected for the murder, as he had an affair with the policeman’s lover Nida.

The cop, inspector Sanjai Rai, who was on the run, has been suspended.
Police officials said Rai was having an affair with Maaz’s cousin Nida, who was a trainee sub-inspector, for past few months. Rai had allegedly bailed out Nida once when she had been accused of being involved in a murder case.

Rai, however, grew jealous, when Nida started seeing Akmal more often and even spurned the cop a few times.

He hatched a conspiracy to keep Akmal out of Nida’s life. He thought if he got a Nida's relative killed and implicate Akmal in it, he would be able to win over Nida again.

Rai contacted a jailed historysheeter Sandeep Rai in Azamgarh to arrange two contract killers. The historysheeter asked Rahul and Ajeet for the job. They killed Maaz and fled to Azamgarh. They have confessed to being paid Rs 2.5 lakh Maaz’s murder.

A hunt is on for the suspended officer.