Professor stabbed to death with stiletto heel

Professor stabbed to death with stiletto heel

Professor stabbed to death with stiletto heel

A woman stabbed her boyfriend to death with a stiletto heel in his upscale Houston condominium after a night of drinking, telling authorities she killed him in self-defense, officials said on Monday.

Ana Trujillo, 44, is suspected of killing University of Houston professor Stefan Andersson, whose body was found at his home early on Sunday.

The couple had been out drinking and returned to the condominium together at about 2 a.m., Harris County District Attorney spokeswoman Sara Kinney said.

Trujillo, a resident of Houston, later called 911 and said she was being assaulted, police said.

When police arrived just before 4 a.m. at the condo in the heart of Houston's museum district, Trujillo answered the door and officers saw Andersson, 59, lying on the floor, Houston Police Department Spokesperson Jodi Silva said.

He had several stab wounds to the head, which authorities said were inflicted by Trujillo's spiked-heel shoe.

Trujillo is a Mexican citizen, according to court documents in a 2010 drunk driving case.

A native of Sweden, Andersson was a professor at the university's Center for Nuclear Receptor and Cell Signaling, specializing in women's reproductive health, according to a statement from the university.

Before he joined the University of Houston in 2009, Andersson had been an associate professor at the UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas for 14 years, according to the social media website LinkedIn.