Subtle expression in clay

Subtle expression in clay

Enjoy the art of clay pottery at the art exhibition at India Habitat Centre

Visual Arts Gallery in association with Mrigna Arts is presenting A Gift of Solitude – 2, an exhibition of pottery and paintings from June 10-16. 

As the title suggests, everyone needs solitude sometimes in their lives. Solitude fills the mind with images we find in our external world. Introverts and lovers of solitude look for moments where they can be with themselves and soothe their souls.

An artist also fills a similar space by painting an empty canvas with the images, they find within their souls and that fulfills the vaccum. That then from the artis’s perspective is the gift of solitude to the world.

Uma Sawhay, the potter shares her views on the theme. “There is no particular theme here. This is just visually appealing art. My works are made from stoneware clay which needs upto 1280 degree celsius and with porceliam clay imported from China, which is not available in India and needs 1300 degree celsius.”

Uma, who was orginally a dancer took up pottery after quitting dancing. “I have been dancer all my life and was dancing since the age of 14. But, due to age I had to quit dancing and gradually started making potteries,” added Uma.

Mrigna Arts was founded by Shankar Pratap Singh and it organises many exhibitions with many talented artists in India.