This Haryana policy makes communication tech-savvy

This Haryana policy makes communication tech-savvy

The Haryana government has notified a new Communication and Connectivity policy that is aimed at encouraging use of latest advancements in the telecom and communication sector.

A spokesman of state's Electronics and Information Technology Department said the policy will encourage the use of latest technology advancements in the telecom sector such as Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and innovative business models such as the Open Access Network (OAN) where physical access to the network is separated from the delivery of services.

“This new policy is aimed to bring uniformity in rules, guidelines and parameters for laying communication infrastructure,” Haryana principal secretary industries Y S Malik said here on Wednesday.

He further said this policy will also ensure communication infrastructure providers adhere to various safety standards or norms like radiation norms as envisaged by the

Under this policy, it will also be encouraged to set up telecom and communication infrastructure in non-congested areas, he said.

Meanwhile, spokesman said the policy provides a roadmap for an enabling infrastructure through pre-laid Optic Fibre Cable (OFC). This also has sufficient bandwidth in proper ducts as part of the development infrastructure so as to allow multiple service providers to use the same infrastructure on sharing basis rather than the clamour for space by multiple infrastructure providers on individual basis, he said.