Back-breaking speed-breakers

Back-breaking speed-breakers

Number of minor accidents have increased, defeating the very purpose

Back-breaking speed-breakers

Concerned activists stage protest demonstrations following road accidents and urge for a speed-breaker on the particular spot. Now, the rise in the number of speed-breakers has become a problem.

Speed-breakers are not a problem in themselves, but the laying of them in an unscientific manner and the lack of a warning signal, has become the problem.
Such speed-breakers were common on the Mysore highway and Belur road. But now they have become a major problem in the city.

The number of fatal accidents would have come down after laying them at a particular spot, but the number of minor accidents have increased, which do not get reported. People sustain minor injuries and suffer in silence. Most of those travelling in buses suffer head injuries due to the applying of sudden breaks. Pain in the hip and back is also a common complaint.


There is no evidence to prove that the overall number of accidents on a particular stretch of road has come down due to the existence of speed-breakers. If at all speed-breakers can avert accidents, it is advisable to lay the entire stretch of a road with alternate humps and troughs.

Even though there are guidelines to lay speed-breakers, none are followed, and no experts are involved in the process.

The Motor Vehicle Act bars laying of speed-breakers on State and National Highways, so all humps on all highways are illegal.

No warning signals are erected, no reflectors are fixed, no white paint is applied. Most of the speed-breakers touch the chassis of vehicles, causing damage.

Apart from hurting people badly, speed-breakers prolong the travelling time. If a vehicle, travelling at a normal speed of 60 kmph has to cover a stretch of 60 km, it should take not more than 65 minutes, but it takes nearly two hours.

Due to frequent changing of gears and applying of brakes and rattling of the vehicles, more fuel is spent and there is more wear and tear. So, people’s time and precious fuel is wasted.

Almost all roads in the city limits are filled with potholes and it is impossible for vehicles to pick up speed.