Pregnant woman hit by police jeep recovering

Pregnant woman hit by police jeep recovering

Pregnant woman hit by police jeep recovering

Chayadevi, 28, an eight-month pregnant who was hit by a speeding Hoysala patrolling vehicle in Raghavendra Block on Sunday night, is recuperating at a private hospital.

Speaking to Deccan Herald from her hospital bed, she said: “I don’t know what happened but the police jeep knocked me down. I was worried more about my child than myself. The doctors have assured that the baby is safe. It is a great relief for me.”

Doctors said that Chayadevi had suffered a fracture on her left leg and three of her toes, which were severely hurt, had to be stitched. She has also suffered injuries on her cheek. “Though her condition is stable she is in a state of shock and needs some rest,” they added.

Chayadevi and her husband were visiting the home of her eldest sister’s (Lakshmi) house in Raghavendra Block, to attend their nephew's birthday party on Sunday evening.

After the party, Chayadevi was about to sit on the pillion seat of her husband’s bike in front of the house, when a speeding Hoysala patrolling vehicle, rammed the bike.
Srinivas, Chayadevi's brother-in-law who was hosting the party, said that the Hoysala vehicle took a steep turn around the corner of the house, before hitting the bike.

Chayadevi was dragged for about 10 feet as her dress was caught in the vehicle’s wheel before the jeep rammed the doors of a car shed next door.

The jeep was on its way to a spot where a man was hacked to death by his friends.
Ashirwad, attached to the Hanumanthanagar police station, was driving the jeep. Head constable Shivanna was also in the vehicle when the accident occurred.
The two immediately got down from the jeep and rushed the woman to a nearby private hospital. However, medical authorities at the hospital said that as the patient was pregnant, they cannot take any risks and referred her to KIMS Hospital.

Left unattended

It was 11 pm by the time she was brought to KIMS Hospital. However, for close to an hour-and-a-half she was left unattended. Srinivas said the duty doctor was not present and there were only staff nurses and students doing their housemanship.
They were not confident of treating the pregnant woman. The mobile phone of the duty doctor was switched off. It was almost 1 pm by the time another doctor rushed to the hospital for an emergency.

There was a tiff between the doctor and the relatives of the victim at the hospital. The woman was discharged from the hospital in the wee hours of Monday. The family later admitted her to a private hospital.

Dr Veeranna, Administrator, KIMS, has denied all allegations that the duty doctor was not present at the hospital. He said the delay in treatment was because of non-availability of an ultrasound test machine at that time and not on account of the absence of the duty doctor.

Basavanagudi traffic police have registered a case of rash and negligent driving against the driver and arrested him. However, he was later released on bail.
When questioned whether the driver would be suspended, a senior officer said that action would be taken based on the investigation report.