'I am definitely going to bring back the crown'

'I am definitely going to bring back the crown'


'I am definitely going to bring back the crown'

She is just twenty, but has already been crowned Miss India World 2013. Yes, we are talking about the glamorous Navneet Kaur Dhillon, who is all set to win the Miss World Pageant which is being held in Jakarta on September 28th.

 Metrolife caught up with Navneet, who recently breezed through the city to celebrate the third anniversary bash of Josh mobiles. She walked the ramp, dressed to kill and looked stunning in a shimmering black outfit which had been specially designed for the event.

When asked how high her chances are of bringing back the crown to the country after twelve years, she seemed determined and confident. “I am definitely going to bring back the crown.”

While most Miss India contestants had chosen to dance at the pageant’s talent round, Navneet wanted to do things differently. She wanted to act on stage. One might of course choose to think of that as a way of making an entry into bollywood, especially when she is aspiring to become a successful actress.  

“I am not a trained dancer. Yes I can dance and I love to dance. But, I am not a professionally trained dancer. So when you go up on a platform where you have 140 contestants coming up, you have to be really good at it. So, one thing which I think I am very confident about, is acting,” Kaur said.

She also accepts the fact that with time, the Miss India pageant has lost its appeal which it used to enjoy earlier. Navneet feels that, “It is because people have their own lives now. Earlier, they used to get involved into everything to see what was happening around. Now, they have their own lives.”

When asked if she has any films in her hands currently, she says, “Well, I cannot disclose about it right now. But, yes, there are a lot of discussions going around.”