New faces and fresh dreams

New faces and fresh dreams

Significant Occasion

New faces and fresh dreams

A fresh batch of enthusiastic and mildly apprehensive pre-university students recently entered the VV Puram campus of Jain College for the first time, and it was an occasion they’re unlikely to ever forget. 

The students, who were both excited and nervous about the prospect of campus life, spent the day attending a short orientation programme. 

They also got familiar with the college campus, checking out the place where they will be spending the next two years. 

Many of them spent some time interacting with new friends and cheerfully greeting old faces.

The seniors and lecturers at the college welcomed the new batch with an orientation ceremony. 

“I was glad that the orientation was organised because we were briefed on what college life will be like. We were also introduced to the different forums in the college, including the Cultural Forum, Commerce Forum, Hindi Parishad, Kannada Vedike and Science Forum. I’ve decided to audition for the Hindi Parishad and the Cultural Forum,” says an excited Deeksha, who was visibly excited to be in the college.

For many of the students, the atmosphere was new not only because of their surroundings but also because of the subjects they had opted for. 

Lavanya, a first-year PU student, has opted for commerce. She has her entire education planned out. 

“I want to do an MBA after this, as well as learn different languages. I think selecting commerce as my stream will prepare me for a course in management. The first day was fun — all our faculty members introduced themselves to us,” she says.

She too found the orientation useful, since it helped her get a better idea of the institution she has joined.

 “We were told how the college functions. There’s an orientation programme for parents which has been planned for next week,” she adds.

Most new college students are nervous about leaving behind their school friends, with whom, after all, they have spent many years growing up.

 Making new friends in an institution can be a daunting task. But some lucky freshers — like Sachin and Kunal, two best friends who opted for this college because they had heard it had a strong sports department — get into colleges with their old friends.

 Deeksha wound up in the same class as a lot of her school friends as well.

 “I wasn’t too nervous because many of my seniors from school are also studying here. It was great to see them again. Besides, around 15 of my friends happen to be in the same college and same class,” she says, excitedly.

All in all, it was an exciting and exhausting day for the students, each of whom is looking forward to two fun-filled years of college life.