Think small, think smart

Think small, think smart

The idea is to make your kitchen comfortable, functional and beautiful. You can achieve these goals even in a small kitchen. Mala Ashok tells you how.

Making a small space appear larger is a design challenge. A kitchen is no exception to this rule. You may have fallen in love with a perfect flat but it has a rather small kitchen and are wondering “should I or shouldn’t I?” Well, don’t give up on the apartment till you’ve read these ideas.

Your objective is to make your kitchen comfortable, functional, and beautiful and you can achieve these goals even in a small kitchen.

First and foremost, ask yourself “do I need this,” before investing in any items for your kitchen. Just because large appliances are considered “in”, you don’t necessarily have to have them in your kitchen. For example, if you can only manage two burners, what is the point in having a range with four burners and an oven? This will free up some very valuable space.

Multi-purpose pieces are the norm in small kitchens in developed countries and you could consider them. For example, a storage bench could double as your children’s dining table.

Open shelves

Storage has, of late, become closed but open storage is the way to go to create a spacious feeling. Closed cupboards tend to close off a room, while open shelves create a fun way to display your kitchen items and make the room look bigger.

Rather than opt for a theme, as in the same material and shapes, opt for different material and shapes like, say, rectangular cupboards with a curved small kitchen island, which could double up as a dining table with high bar stools as chairs.

Glass is great in creating an illusion of space and you could use it in doors to make the space feel bigger.

This trick is so old and has been around for so long in our country that it need hardly be mentioned — find a folding kitchen table, with a drop down top that can be used only when there are extra people.

Lighting can change the look of a room.  Using fluorescent and conventional lighting in pairs can create depth and colour in a kitchen.

Flooring is perhaps the most important part of a kitchen and can be overlooked while decorating.

Adding little details to the floor can add size to the room. You can do this by using colourful tiles or designs which will also make for a very good first impression.

Speaking of colours, strong colours are an aid to make a space look larger — so be daring and use bold red or bright yellow when paining your kitchen.

If the floor is not your centre of attention, look up to your ceiling to do it. You can paint it a different colour, or add a unique light fixture, or texture. Any of these methods can create height in your small kitchen.

Thus there are numerous ways to make your small kitchen sizzle and not feel quite so cramped.