Lace yourself

Lace yourself

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It’s time to talk about laces again! With the passage of time, lace has fit in, quite snugly, in every sartorial sense. Be it a Little Black dress (LBD) or a lace wedding dress, everyone is talking about laces, everywhere.

It is highly appealing and one who is wearing it can totally rock the look. Our designers have already waved their magic wands and the result clearly showed on the red carpet when our favourite celebrities wearing their lacy collections, sizzled and looked dressed to the nines.

Metrolife caught up with Varruna Kapoor of designer label Vvakalma. “A popular trend these days is dresses made from laces. Lace has an old world charm to it. You can add bits of laces to a dress or make a whole dress out of it, it all looks great. Lace lends a cover up in dresses. For example, you  can have high necklines of lace or even sleeves of lace which makes it wearable in a conservative set up without losing the glam touch,” she said.

Ask the designer, what her favourite is, and she says, “My favourite remains the classic Chantilly silk lace for its elegance and detailing.”

“Apart from dresses, designers are increasingly using lace in Indian outfits as well. Lace when added to an Indian outfit gives it a western twist and makes it very appealing,” Adds Varruna.

 Designer Jyoti Sharma says, “Lace dresses is a really romantic trend of the season, but you can absolutely wear it without having to hold a bouquet. Layering lace dresses with metallic silver and chunky accessories is a great way to break away from the prettiness of the trend. Adding leather toughens it with a hint of sexiness, and a lace dress looks glamorous. The lace fabric is considered perfect for high quality and beautiful designs.”

“The best varieties are black lace and lime green stretch Lace. This floral lace is perfect for dresses, special occasion apparels and overlays. Go for the bright turquoise blue stretch lace fabric. Lacy fabrics should be stretchable yet manageable and at the same time we shouldn’t miss the factor of breathability in the same. This can be used for borders, hemlines, necklines and cuffs.  Lacy fabrics look sultry in earthy tones but these days bright-hued laces are garnering attention of the masses,” adds Jyoti.

For designer Varun Bahl, “Lace is a classic fabric and will be forever elegant. Solid gold, solid black or a combination of both solid gold and black will look fantastic.”