Two young girls marry each other

Two young girls marry each other

Families separate them with cops' help

When the police team raided a house in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur town, about 500 kilometers from here, it was greeted by a young girl, who informed the team members that her husband had gone out on work and would return only late in the evening.

The quick and confident response by the girl led the police team, which had been looking for two girls, who had married a few days back, in Bijnore district, about 400 kilometers from here, to believe that it might have raided the wrong house.

A few queries, however, revealed that the husband was also a girl.

The team, which apprehended the two later in the evening on Saturday, found it extremely difficult to take them to Bijnore where their family members were waiting for them.

They said that they had married at a temple and had been living as husband and wife

8-month affair

The girls told the police that they had an affair for past eight months after which they got married.

The marriage had been solemnised on May 29 last, the police said. The two, who belonged to different communities, had eloped to Saharanpur after the marriage.

They also told the cops that one of them doubled up as wife and remained at home to look after the household chores while the other went out to work to earn money.

The girls also created a ruckus in the police station in Bijnore and refused to be separated.

The cops had a tough time in separating them and sending them to their respective families, officials said.

The family members had lodged a missing person report after the two had eloped.
The girls made it clear that they would come together again.

Marriage between girls is not common in the state and such marriages always create tension and controversies.