'I already feel at home here'

'I already feel at home here'

First impression

'I already feel at home here'

It’s that time of the year when the new academic session begins and colleges open their gates to freshers, who are excited to begin their new life on campus.

Metrolife interacts with degree and postgraduate students of St Joseph’s College of Arts and Science to find out about their experiences.

The old stone building of the college was abuzz with activity. Students were walking about, exploring the campus with their new friends and interacting with teachers. Activities of the ongoing orientation kept all of them on their toes.

The first few days of college hold a very important place in one’s memory and the new batch of Josephites were soaking in every minute of it. In fact, for many of them, a couple of days was all it took to feel at home.

Says Avinash Kumar PA, a first-year undergraduate, student, “I already feel at home here. The atmosphere is so welcoming and the people are very approachable.”

For Jayati Kaushik, who recently completed her 12 standard, this was her first time in college. “I am still getting used to being out of school and in a college. The journey and the transition is something that I am sure I will enjoy as I am already liking it,” she adds.
Be it the academics or extracurricular activities –– students say that they have many things to look forward to in the years to come in the college.

 “They give equal importance to both studies and other activities. Besides, there are so many other extra certificate courses that help us broaden our horizons and dream big,” states Nikhil Suresh, another first-year student.

What also helped them fit in was a group called ‘Ignitors’, which held the orientation for the students. “This was different because it was not only about getting to know the goal and motto of our college. They also helped us open up and talk about issues like peer pressure, drugs etc. And fun activities really helped break the ice within the class” explains Aishwarya MK, a first-year student.

The first-year postgraduate students of the same college are a little more mature and focussed, yet freshers in their own way. For Dane Stephenson, a first-year PG student, the first few days of college were about getting to know his classmates, teachers as well as his surroundings. “Everything is new. But the way we were all welcomed made us feel like we belonged here,” he adds. Everyone has already got big plans for the years ahead.

David, another first-year PG student, says, “We really want to achieve what we have come here for and at the same time work as a team and make this a better place for everyone.” While Smriti, another PG student, quickly adds, “We may be pursuing our PG but we will still find time to have a little fun, make good friends and enjoy our college life.”