Experimental sounds steal the show

Experimental sounds steal the show

Global touch

Experimental sounds steal the show

To mark the occasion of World Music Day, ‘Garage Jam’ brought together bands who treated the audience to an evening of global music.

Sonido Musicals roped in ‘Mind Map’, a group of young musician friends, as well as two other bands which performed some classic rock numbers.

The members of ‘Mind Map’ include Deepak on lead percussion; Gaurav aka Zoultu on lead guitar, didge loops and psy sounds; Bankim on lead guitar; Avinash Manoli aka Buddha on bass guitar; Avinash BN on guitar; Sajan Eapen on percussion and Abhijith on didgeridoo, vocals and psy sounds.

The band performs regularly at City gigs.

Prior to the show, Abhijith Bhat, one of the artistes, said that the band didn’t have a specific plan of action for the evening.

“It’s a free jamming session where we will be playing 15 to 20 tracks,” he said. They roped in Gali Durgappa, a music teacher from Hampi, to join them.

Deepak Chenna, the lead percussionist, said that they are more into trance music. “I have created an instrument which I call the tubola. It creates a tabla sound and gives a tribal feel to the trance music,” explained Deepak, who is a trained tabla player.

 “We are now into experimental music since it is a global genre and is more accepted more,” he added.

Avinash BN, another members of the band, said, “I play Carnatic music on the guitar. I have been influenced by Indian classical music. Generally, we perform one gig a month.” Sajan Eapen added that they had been practising for two weekends for this gig. “We are all working professionals and perform side by side. We get our inspiration from friends,” he said. 

“We wanted a special gig for World Music day. Usually, we just have two bands perform. But since it is a special occasion, we had three bands this time,” explained Arwen Magma, the organiser of ‘Garage Jam’. Around 80 people made their made to the jamming session on Brigade Road.

“I am a music lover, which is why I am here. I’m not particular about any particular genre but I really hope the performance is high on energy,” said Arun, an audience member, prior to the event. “I was just passing by and I’ve stopped to see what’s going on. I really hope that it is worth it,” added Pramod, a professional.