A concert to remember

A concert to remember

In an event recently held in the City, singers and musicians paid tribute to late Ustad Abdul Karim Khan Saheb

A concert to remember

Propounded by Maestro Ustad Abdul Karim Khan Saheb in the Hindustani tradition, Kairana Gharana (better known as Kirana Gharana) has evolved as one of the finest soul searching trends in music that has changed the traditional atmosphere of khayal and thumri.

A tribute was recently paid to the late maestro by Message Charitable Trust which has been focusing on the traditions of Kirana gharana and also has a vidyalaya running under the late maestro’s name.

The main feature of Kirana is a melodious use of the voice with a kind of ‘o’ vowel sound imposed on it throughout the alaap. This rounded articulation makes the singer’s voice more resonant. Delhi reverberated with renditions in khayal gayaki when disciples of the great talent gathered together to pay rich tributes to their guru.

The musical event began with an alaap in raag Jhinjhoti followed by gat set to nine beats. Adnan Khan, the son of renowned sitar player Ustad Sayeed Khan accompanied by Rashid Niyazi put the entire audience in a state of trance with his performance. The combination of a sitar and tabla did wonders and left spectators spellbound. Furthermore, a composition in raag Gour Malhar set to teen taal of sixteen beats was also displayed by the duo which was appreciated.

The evening was taken forward by Fareed Hasan who hails from the musical lineage of the renowned Dilli gharana. Fareed sang Raga Miyan Malhar and was accompanied by Ustad Rafiuddin Sabri on tabla and Karim Niyazi on the harmonium.

Pandit Rajendra Prasanna, the great renowned flautist and recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award conferred by Sahara India in 2003, ended the concert by playing raag Kedar on flute accompanied by Shathar
Husain on tabla.