Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar

Too high, they cried in unison. But once the Minister retracted, the issue started a debate. And suddenly, 80 did not look such a high number.

Deccan Herald chose to take this burning issue straight to a 12th Standard classroom in the City and ask the students about it. Because, for far too long, policies had been taken at their behest without their voice being heard at all. This week, the Bishop Cotton’s Boy’s High School was chosen, and what the students there said was pretty revealing.

While some have come out in favour of a higher cut-off percentage on grounds that ‘raising the bar’ is the need of the hour, others say that any move to go through with the policy will make quality higher education even more inaccessible to the less privileged.

In 2009, close to four lakh students had appeared for IIT Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). Nearly five lakh students are expected to appear for IIT JEE 2010, fiercely competing for the 9,000 seats available in 15 IITs.

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The education system in this country makes the pupil learn by heart. It is high time we stand up and say a good bye to rote learning which is also prevalent in the engineering courses. If this change doesn't happen  at the earliest, then we might see  generations of students simply memorising without understanding what they are taught.

Shivashankar Banwara,

A clarification:

Rituparna Ghosh, a CKP student who was quoted last week has clarified-
“There are teachers—most of them-in our department who do not believe in holding a paint brush as if it is a spoon-feeding process. They let us follow our own—liberated—path, which is always better than ‘holding the brush’. This is how they teach us.”