Refreshing transition to adulthood

Refreshing transition to adulthood

Mixed Feelings

Refreshing transition to adulthood

The first PUC students of BMS College for Women are thrilled about starting a fresh chapter in their lives. While some of them are looking forward to making new friends, others want to make the best of their time in college. Their stint in college kicked off with a bang — along with an informal session, the students also had an orientation ceremony where they were formally inducted into the college and made to feel at home.

The teachers say that students this year will be involved in a host of activities throughout the year, as it is the college’s golden-jubilee year. “We have planned a number of activities throughout the year and all the students will be given a chance to take part in these, so they can showcase their talents,” says Veena, a teacher.

Aditi, a student of first PUC, is pursuing arts and says that she is happy to have got through a good college. “The infrastructure is great and the campus is nice. What I like best about the college are the teachers. They are very friendly and approachable. They are always there to help us out, whether it is in terms of academics or anything else. I am slowly getting used to the fact that I am in college now. It has been good so far,” she says.

Most of them admit that it took a while for them to really feel like college students. They say that the transition from being a school student to a college one is quite refreshing. Some feel that being in college instils in them a streak of independence and they are happy that they are not being spoonfed anymore.

Prakriti, a commerce student, says that she is happy with the course and wants to pursue chartered accountancy in the future. “I am studying commerce. The course is good here and I am learning a lot. I was studying in a co-educational school and hence, this experience is very new for me. I am quite excited about the cultural activities that are coming up and I plan to be a part of them. I am good at painting and hope to showcase my talent in the college fests,” she notes.

The ambience may be new for many students, but they are looking forward to carving their own niche and making friends. Some students say that they are missing their school friends, but meeting new people from different walks of life is an enriching experience. Shreya, a first PUC student, is pursuing science and says that her initial hesitation has disappeared; she has started interacting with her classmates and likes them. “College is a different ball game. Though I miss my school friends, I have made many friends here and enjoy the time I get with them,” she concludes.