Awed by amateur theatricals

Awed by amateur theatricals


A scene from Ulta Pulta.

Ekikarana, the play by MES College was based on a family which has a dominating wife, a henpecked husband, a nagging grandmother and a cook who thinks that the world wouldn’t exist without him.

The husband is constantly made victim of tug-of-war between his grandmother and wife. This was projected very comically and was also very entertaining.

One day, they are interrupted by a man who comes from Coimbatore. He keeps repeating one sentence again and again in Kannada but has a strong Tamil accent. The family treats him like a royal guest providing him everything he asks for. It is only later that they release his original intentions of coming to their house.

The other play called Ulta Pulta by KLE College was about a village boy who stays in a City. When he goes back to his village, he finds that the villagers also speak English and are transforming themselves by speaking broken English and wearing modern clothes.

The error in pronunciation of English words was hilarious. One of the girls said, yelaaru nanna neck nodthare. What she wanted to say was that everyone looks at her neck which has a necklace on it, where as necku in Kannada means to lick.

There were many such rib-ticking phrases. These phrases kept the play going.

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