OU prof arrested for blackmailing students

An assistant professor at Osmania University’s technology department was arrested following complaints that he harassed 16 girl students pursuing B Tech and blackmailed them.

Assistant Professor N Shiv Shankar, a former SFI student leader in the same university campus, was taken into custody for the second time as he threatened to post pictures of the girl students on Facebook and other platforms if they refuse to withdraw their complaint against him.

A faculty of the department, the professor lured the girls with promise of marriage and higher percentage of marks, taking them on tour to different cities including Bangalore.

The practice of entertaining a new girl each fortnight not only made his other girlfriends jealous, but raised their suspicion.

When they threatened to expose him, the professor blackmailed them saying he would post pictures with them on the internet and release letters they wrote to him.

The girls approached the University’s social workers who investigated their claims and found them to be true. The OU supported their complaint to the police against the professor and dismissed him from duty.

Shiv Shankar was arrested a month ago on the basis of their complaint, but, out on bail, he once again started harassing the girls.

Central Crime Station inspector M Shankar said Shiv Shankar also threatened to kill the girls if they did not withdraw the complaint against him and testify that he was innocent of the charges.

Following a second complaint on June 26, he was arrested on June 27 and sent to remand.
Cases have been filed against him under different sections of the IPC.

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