A taste of the best medicine

A taste of the best medicine

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A taste of the best medicine

An evening of rib-tickling humour was in store for comedy enthusiasts who made their way to Opus for ‘Comic No-Mads’ recently.

Daniel Fernandes, Rajneesh Kapoor and Sundeep Rao entertained the audience with their witty one-liners and delightful jokes.

The audience had a great time, since the jokes were both relatable and undeniably funny.
Speaking to Metrolife, Rajneesh Kapoor, one of the comedians, says, “I have been performing in Bangalore on and off. I have done at least ten to 12 performances here. They were interesting and I had fun.”

When asked who his inspiration is, he replies, “Actually, nobody inspires me. For me, everything and everyone is a learning experience. Even from a bad comedian, there is so much to learn. I would look at him again and again to observe the way he walks and talks and to learn different aspects.”

He adds, “I draw from my experiences. It’s from the people I meet, places I go to and from relationships.”

The comedy industry might still be in a nascent stage, but Rajneesh says that it is all set to boom.

“I am really excited about the boom. Who doesn’t like to laugh? The scene is similar to that of Indian cinema 100 years ago. It will soon become as big as Bollywood,” he explains.

However, he feels that the scenario in the West — particularly in the US — is different.
“A stand-up comedy act would draw as much revenue as a Hollywood film does there. There is so much talent. In fact, in the US, comedy always does well during the recession because people want to have a good laugh during that time,” he explains.

Sundeep Rao, who is from Bangalore, feels that the performance had a mixed crowd in terms of energy.

“What I found was that people were picking up the very mainstream jokes quickly. The ones that were more subtle, sometimes with a message, were taking time to be picked up. Here, people like easy-to-grasp jokes,” he says, adding with a laugh, “I just look into the mirror to get inspired.”

Daniel Fernandes says that he found the crowd participative. “Most of the jokes were based on my experiences or observations that are funny. I try them out during the act. If they work, well and good. Otherwise I drop them. Sometimes, I crack jokes on current affairs and give opinions in a humourous way,” he says. According to Daniel, there is a lot of work to be done for the industry to grow.

“Whether it’s performance, production or marketing, there is a lot of work to be done in each vertical. We are in the process,” he says.

Pragati Sharma, who was present at the show, adds, “It’s the second time I am attending a stand-up comedy act. It was a good experience. I am glad that local talent has been given a platform.”

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