Brain-dead engineer's organs donated

Brain-dead engineer's organs donated

A 23-year-old mechanical engineer’s organs were donated by his family last week giving a new lease of life to three persons. 

Pramod Kumar G L, employed in a private company, was riding pillion with his friend on Kunigal Highway, Tumkur when a truck hit their bike. 

While the friend suffered minor injuries on his leg, Pramod sustained fatal head injury. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and later shifted to BGS Global Hospital, where he was declared brain-dead.
Zonal Coordination Committee for Karnataka (ZCCK) counsellors then approached Pramod’s family for organ donation. 

Pramod’s father, an ayurvedic doctor,  gave his consent for organ retrieval.  Pramod’s organs including kidneys and liver were donated.

His heart valves and corneas were deposited in their respective banks.  This was the 58th donation under the coordination of ZCCK since 2007.

As per their records, there are still 892 recipients waiting for organs including 755 for kidney, 99 for liver, nine for lung, seven for heart and lung and 18 for heart