A cocktail of lilting songs

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A cocktail of  lilting songs

The golden jubilee celebrations of Bethany High School, called the ‘Musical Cocktail’, which was held recently, was a fun-filled musical extravaganza. Students as well as teachers showcased their talents in this well-organised show.

Students from different classes had formed small groups to present their musical skills to the large audience who had gathered at  the school. While parents were eager to see their children on stage, children were excited to sing with their respective groups in front of their parents. The musical programme started with Peter Rebello and daughter Tia singing ‘Amazing Grace’ on a karaoke track. They were followed by many others who rendered some popular numbers. Sisters Tanisha, Ridhima and Rinika, who are studying in different classes, sang a popular number by Bruno Mraz.

“We are very excited to perform today. A lot of hard work has gone into our performance. One of us will play the tambourine, one will play the keyboard and the three of us will sing today.  We practised almost everyday for this. We hope that we do well on the stage,” said Tanisha prior to the programme.

‘Maroon-9’, a fusion band, consisting of students from class six, were all set to capture the stage with their spontaneity. The band members Khushi, Nitya, Akash, Ved, Roshan, Keya and Noah were excited to be a part of the show. “We are performing a song from the band ‘Maroon 5’. Our group has some very talented musicians and we are attempting a fusion. We have drums as well as the tabla and I hope that it impresses the guests and parents. Since we are all good friends and classmates, we know each other. That helped us in forming the band,” said Ved, a student
The highlight of the show was perhaps the teachers, wearing traditional clothes, shaking a leg to some peppy numbers. Emma, the programme coordinator of the show, said that celebrating the 50th year of the school with music was the best way to do it. “Music is an integral part of Bethany High and hence we have planned this musical cocktail, which gives students and teachers a stage to showcase their best and come out of their shell. Students have worked very hard and more than 150 of them participated today in the programme,” she said. Poised, coordinated and confident, the students and teachers were at their best throughout the show. The programme culminated with the performance of a band called ‘Tidal Waves’ from Goa.

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