Today's letters

Today's letters

Lessons to be learnt from Oil Depot Inferno

Sir, It is tragic that there has been a huge loss in terms of life and property due to the fire.  There is a need to evaluate the design of all storage facilities in the country right away and take corrective measures to incorporate latest available technologies to prevent future fire.
Also, the tank fields should be isolated to prevent the damage to other facilities. Safety should be given utmost priority among everyone involved in the operations.
The incident is also an eye opener for tightening the security to prevent from sabotage.  Despite two other massive fire incidents in that state earlier, it is sad that the state could not prevent this catastrophe. I hope the government will thoroughly investigate the matter and take appropriate decisions in the interest of the peoples’ safety and economy.

A C Muralidhara



On judges' assets

 While discussing the whole issue of the declaration of judges’ assets, one thing remains almost untouched. At first the reluctance of the honourable judges to divulge their assets and later a reluctant disclosure by some has given birth to a discomforting perception that our judicial system is totally corrupt. This certainly needs to be addressed seriously and sincerely.




Wealth declaration

In posting a compilation of their assets on the website of the Supreme Court, India’s judicial leaders have lived up to their reputation for high integrity and to the public’s aspirations.
More than the quantum of the assets or engaging trivia [one of the judges of the Supreme Court owns a Yamaha motorcycle as his only personal vehicle, another is paying EMIs on a car loan ] this declaration has established that India’s higher judiciary is responsive to the expectations of its people specially at a time when  the matter of the elevation of an individual judge from the Madras High Court to the Supreme Court had become a controversial one due to some doubts about the legality or otherwise of his assets.

 Indeed, if the Chief Justice designs a foolproof standard for wealth declaration, public pressure should ask Parliament and the Government to adhere to it as well.

 J S Acharya



Karnataka crisis

I thought that the clout of Reddys is restricted to Andhra Pradesh. It now looks that their  tentacles has spread to Karnataka also . It is no secret that the Tourism Minister G Janaradhana Reddy, and Revenue Minister G. Karunakara Reddy-aka the Reddy brothers were recently admitted to the BJP because of their tremendous money power.

They had substantially financed the party's election campaign and clearly are out to extract their pound of flesh in typical fashion. That they managed to rope in the assembly Speaker with apparent lure of making him chief minister is a sad commentary on how the august institution of Speaker stands defiled today.

 Karnataka has proved to be the latest flashpoint in the BJP's serial of woes.

 J Seshagiri



Appropriate solution for BJP crisis


The scenario at the state level has reached at its peak and the ‘NORMAL ELEMENT’ of ‘POWER MONGerING’ is clearly exposed in both the sides. But on the part of the “Occupier” it is not feasible to budge to the demands of juniors, with no major fault of his. And on the part of the “Seekers”, having supposed majority and messing up of the situation, to bow down is next to impossible.


The failure of the leaders from high command is the “Mirror Image” of the present situation. When such is the case, it is right time to absorb the eminent leader, B.S.Yeddyurappa, to the centre for his outstanding performance as well as saving the image of the party and appoint an outsider, preferably the “State’s Favourite”, Sushma Swaraj, who is just at the party leadership at present as the Chief Minsiter of Karnataka, who has better relations and capable to handle with the central government.



Services and Ranji Cricket Match

The services did not report for a Ranji Trophy cricket match held in Srinagar3-11-09, citing security concerns. BCCI took the disciplinary action. The matter should have ended there. However, a full-blown controversy arose as a result. The politicians from Kashmir and elsewhere, surrounded by posse of black commandoes, have started fuming against the decision of the services to withdraw their team from the tournament. Now an enquiry has been ordered to find out whose decision it was.

The army personnel have been the target of vicious attack by the terrorists. Probably some decision-makers in the Services took the decision to withdraw their team to protect their team members. Is playing cricket more important than protecting the lives of the soldiers?  Who has suffered most in the terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir? Politicians?

 S N D Poojary




"By refusing to recite the National song, ( DH,4th Nov)  the Muslim body has once again demonstrated their intolerance to national unity and integrity. Although observance of Birthday is unislamic, the same Muslim body does not have problem to the  public holiday for their Prophet's birthday, ( Saudi Arabia, where the Prophet was born does not observe any holiday).

It is also pertinent to state here that Muslim daily prayer, which is broadcast through loudspeakers five times a day, contains a line which  runs counter to the principle of secularism of the Nation.
J N Mahanty



 Not un-Islamic

The Fatwa against ‘Vande Matharam’ recital  terming it  un-Islamic  is preposterous.  Every American whether English, Hebrew, Hispanic, Italian, or of negro origin regards the US as his motherland. The US maintained its independence as a mighty nation notwithstanding so much of difference in race, religion, and culture amongst her variegated population.


In Russia and China the Muslim population is obliged to swear by the provisions without a murmur or demur. In Turkey the erstwhile ruling party was named as ‘motherland party’!. What is not anti-Islamic in a Muslim country cannot be anti-Islamic in India, a secular country!. Reciting Vande Matharam, mother’s glory should not be viewed as  un-Islamic. 

 A Seshagiri Rao




Getting murkier

It is a shame that BJP being a National Party is unable to solve a problem that has arisen in one of the States ruled by it. For over two weeks the so called national leaders of the party are issuing monotonous statements like "there will be no change in the leadership in Karnataka", "we will not tolerate indiscipline" etc...
But the fact remains that the crisis in Karnataka is getting murkier and murkier. It is amazing how three ministers in a State have brought the entire system in the State to a grinding halt with their demands.
The common man to-day is asking himself a simple question: How can a national party like BJP think of ruling the Country when it cannot even solve a problem in it’s own party? Or to put it in a simple form: How can one expect BJP to solve the Nation's problems, when it cannot solve it's own problems?

 The present stalemate in Karnataka has affected the already sagging image of BJP. It is now very clear that the CHAIR is more important than people of the State. The Central leadership of BJP too has put up a poor performance by trying to dilly dally with the demands of the revolting Reddys’. The Governor of the State should step in and warn the party that if no solution is found within 4 days, the party should pack up and sit at home. The State cannot be without a ministry for several weeks-that too when the rain ravaged districts are eagerly looking for relief.

 M V Nahusharaj


 Be firm with China

 We have to tell China firmly not to interfere in our internal affairs. Whether the Dalai Lama should go to Arunachal Pradesh or not is our internal matter and we don't want China to tell us what to do.
It has been made clear to the Dalai Lama that he is free to travel anywhere in India for religious purposes and not for raising any contentious political issue. There is a place for quiet diplomacy between India and China and there is no need to highlight each and every issue through the media. We have everything to gain by improved relations between the two Asian giants.

 D B N Murthy



Loopholes in Judiciary

 Karnataka High Court judge Justice Shylendra is a bold judge expressing his opinions on the loopholes in judiciary where as other judges are reluctant to admit to lapses on the part of judges.
He is the one who started the debate on judges declaring their assets and even question the CJI for his reluctance to disclose assets and he declared his assets saying that no permission was necessary from the CJI for judges to declare their assets. Now the CJI and other Supreme Court judge shave declared their assets on a web site.

He has pointed out that most of the judges violate the oath they take, many of them are biased even on the basis of caste and religion and some of them are interested to protect some influential and powerful people.

I do not think any other judge in India is as bold as him to criticize the functioning of some judges. Everything is not alright in the judiciary and there is even corruption admitted by no other person than CJI himself.

But the question is who is gong to set right the judiciary?.




Ruining itself

The Mahabaratha character Karna, though valiant and a symbol for sacrifice had to face  a tragic end just because he had the bad company of Duryodhana. Just like that, Yeddyurappa is facing seemingly inevitable end in-spite of people's sympathy to him due to the bad company of modern Duryodhanas in the form of Bellary Reddys.

It seems BJP has mastered the art of ruining itself though people have the hope on it as an only alternative to Congress.




 Fatwa Unfortunate

It is unfortunate that the Muslim-ulema issued fatwa against the singing of the national song Vande Mataram by citing certain portions are against the tenets of Islam.  The beautiful song generates patriotism amongst the people in general and reading it between the lines or viewing through prism is most unfortunate.  The poet Bankim Chandra Chatterjee composed the song by taking all aspects into consideration to suit the country’s requirement.



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