Terrorism gets a humorous twist

Satirical notes

Ever imagined a comic take on a global issue as serious as terrorism? Well, World Comics Network has come up with an interesting comic angle to the problem of terrorism across countries.

Starting today, a five-day exhibition at the India International Centre will showcase different aspects with a view to present a satirical approach to the theme of terrorist violence, both globally and locally.

Promoting the use of grassroots comics as a medium of expression, World Comics Network started in India in mid-nineties and has now spread to different parts of the world. They encourage common people, especially the marginalised groups, to sketch their concerns and voice opinions through cartoons and comic strips.

The event will be inaugurated with the launch of a book named ‘Terrorism Explained’. The book, a sequel to their previous one titled ‘Communalism Explained’, has been jointly authored by Sharad Sharma, famous Indian cartoonist and Ram Puniyani, a human rights activist known for his contribution in communal harmony. Narrating some major terrorist incidents, the books also highlight the various stereotypes associated with terrorism and politicisation of the whole issue.

This will be followed by a discussion on terrorism and communal harmony, involving panellists like Harsh Mander, Manish Sethi, Syed Zafar Mahmood, Vrinda Grover along with Sharad Sharma and Ram Puniyani.

An exhibition showcasing excerpts and pages from these books will also be displayed for the next few days. Free downloads of the exhibitions panels will be made available for the public.

“Terrorism has been a very major phenomenon disturbing the peace of the planet today. While acts of terror have been recorded in recent history from last several centuries, this phenomenon stands out post the 9/11 attacks in America,” says Sharad Sharma, explaining that their “book focuses on the definition of terrorism and demystifies the concept of terror, depicting that terrorism has nothing to do with religion but sometimes there are political goals behind it.”

The exhibition will be held from July 10 to 14, with the inauguration being scheduled today at 6.30pm. Post Delhi, the exposition will travel to six different cities in the country.

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