Dinkey tumbles down and comes up again!

Dinkey tumbles down and comes up again!

It was a male donkey. His friends named him that because he would not use his brains for anything and he was dumb also. Dinkey one day fell and lost his eye sight because he was trying to do something naughty. His friends had to be with Dinkey all the time because they were scared that he would fall again and fracture his arm. They thought Dinkey was a very naughty donkey.

One day when his friends were holding Dinkey they were passing a huge lake and talking about the beautiful lake. One of Dinkey's friend who was holding Dinkey's hand tripped over a stone and left Dinkey behind and Dinkey lost his balance and also could not see went rolling into the lake. Dinkey screamed as he rolled into the lake. There was a crocodile in the lake with its mouth open. Dinkey screamed for help but nobody could hear it. It got very scared, and screamed loudly AHHHHHH.

At the same time, an old man and a boy were walking nearby and heard someone screaming. They could hear the scream from the lake. They went near the lake and looked down. They saw Dinkey falling and the crocodile with its mouth open. They thought for a second and the old man told the boy to get the rope they had left in their bag-pack! The boy got the rope quickly and he gave it to the old man the old man threw the rope and screamed loudly: CATCH THE ROPE DONKEY. But Dinkey could not see but tried to catch and caught the rope. The old man and the boy pulled the rope. Dinkey came up slowly. Dinkey reached the top and thanked both of them and said: thanks for saving me otherwise I would have been eaten by the crocodile. Bye said the boy to Dinkey. When they had just turned back Dinkey asked them will you please leave me with my friends. They did so.

After sometime, the old man and the boy told bye to Dinkey and hugged him. They climbed into their car and drove away. Then in Dinkey's eyes there were so much of tears as if they wouldn't stop at all. Dinkey's friends told him we will meet them again.

The next day they thought of going to the old man and the boy's house. When they reached there, first thing Dinkey did was he went and rang the bell. He was very excited. When they opened the door Dinkey went in and hugged them both. They were also very happy to see Dinkey. They all went in and had biscuits. After sometime they had to go. Dinkey was not happy again and the old man
After some days everything was ready and they all stayed there happily!!

Written by:
Pranathi Harihar, IV Std 'B' Sec
S.K.C.H (CBSE), Bangalore.