Chocolaty House

I wish there was a chocolate house,
With chocolate humans and a chocolate mouse.
Wish everything was made  of chocolate,
Cream, cake, wafers and biscuits. The house must have a chocolate floor,
With a crispy wafer door.
The chimney must be made up of berries,
And plants should be studded with cherries.
Ceiling made up of vanilla cones,
And butter-scotch covering on the stones.
Telephone made up of jelly to call, A caramel stick and a Jujubi ball.
House must be surrounded by biscuit walls, And nearby only eatable stalls.
Furniture made up of jam and cakes, This type of house I am going to make.
I know my wish would never come true, Until a chocolate house I myself will try out.

Ninitha S Prabhu,
IX ‘B’ KV BEML Nagar, K.G.F.

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