Know your jewellery


Know your jewellery

Homai Sagar familiarises you with the common people’s popular jewellery types.

Few years ago, the managing director of the Art Karat was pleasantly taken aback to find the former Maharani of Gwalior coming in to make some purchases.

“Your Highness!” the director stammered. “Your coming to our establishment is a great unprecedented honour. But then…Why? You a billionaire! Why are you buying our gold plated silver jewellery?”

The Maharani laughed, “Nowadays, the servants are not as trustworthy as in the olden days, and the insurance stipulates only few hours for the expensive jewellery to be taken out for occasions! But the best thing is that when I wear traditional costume jewellery, nobody will think that it is not a real antique treasure!”

We, being neither the traditionally rich or the nouveau rich, have to take recourse to artificial or semi-precious jewellery. So let us explore the myriad types of jewellery out there, shall we?

You want intricately crafted maang tikkas? Or you want kadas (bangles),
baajubands (armlets), paazebs (anklets) or bichiyas (toe rings)? With a large market of youngsters and fashion conscious office goers available, today jewellery is made out of any metal, plastic, beads, or even jute, for it’s only the adaptable and innovative designs that sell.

Basically jewellery comes in the following thirteen type, if you leave out the crystal creations, which are almost as expensive as real jewellery.

Wooden Jewellery

This jewellery depends mainly on oak, ash, and pistachio woods. Current fashion trends can be easily accommodated in these creations, as they are available in different finishes including antique and often are decorated with beads, and cut glass.

Stone Jewellery

Synthetic and semi precious stones are ideal for costume jewellery and when combined with other base material like wood,metals or shell gives a grand effect. The quality /cut of the stones used are the main factor affecting the over all look of this variety.

Terracotta Jewellery

This jewellery, made of baked clay, is very popular among the fashionistas. This eco-friendly material is used for ethnic designs, and is mainly based on mythology, nature, and traditional motifs. When teamed with semi-precious stones or wood, it makes for an exclusive design.

Metal Jewellery

Made of stainless steel/brass, metals are the most popular material for jewellery, especially as the price of precious metals like gold/silver/platinum have skyrocketed. The finish is the most important factor in this variety and we find antique finishes the topic of the day. Floral/geometric designs are popular and occasionally we find the metal jewellery painted in different colours to create an eye-catching effect.

Jute Jewellery

Jute based jewellery has become popular in the last few years and usually the items are beaded handcrafted items with a distinctive look. Being a flexible material, great care has to be taken to ensure that the aesthetics and design novelty are maintained. Silver/semi precious stones/glass beads are also used to create enchanting and appealing designs in jute jewellery.

Shell Jewellery

Shells were the original materials used for jewellery in the early centuries. Often, these were decorated with inlay work, and the combinations very often consisted of painted shells of different shapes, hand woven into exotic pieces. The most common combination was of coconut shells and synthetic pearls, which made for an eye-catching effect. This kind of jewellery is rather rare these days.

Beaded Jewellery

This is the most common among jewellery and often varieties of beads made of different materials are used for an exotic effect. This type is usually available in antique and matte finishes. The costlier ones are hand-crafted and help to accent any dress, formal or casual.

Bone Jewellery

As creepy as it might sound, bone jewellery is very much preferred by the youth as these make “funky” style statement. Made of animal bones, you get them in both rough and polished varieties. Bone cross and pendants are the most sought-after accessories in the category. Carved bone jewellery varies from nation to nation and often bought as tourist-souvenirs.

Ivory Jewellery

In vogue for centuries, but currently out of fashion due to eco-friendly movements, jewellery made of ivory is passe. But there are quite a number of other animals like buffalos and deers, whose specially carved bones are used with semi-precious stones to create a style statement. Very often they are also coated with enamel or antique finish to suit the demand.

Plastic Jewellery

It has been one of the most used materials to create beautiful and enchanting jewellery pieces. The jewellery is available in an exhaustive and exclusive range of designs right from delicate plastic beaded pieces to chunky and coloured chokers. From geometric stretched bangles to metallic bracelets, the choice is endless.
Leather Jewellery

This type is available in hip and unconventional designs, especially for the youth. These jewellery pieces are hand-crafted and finely finished. Leather beaded jewellery is the most famous of the category. Stone studded leather items in different shades, shapes, and sizes are sought-after. Embroidered leather jewellery is the latest trend.

Glass Jewellery

Glass has been used since centuries to manufacture beautiful and high fashion jewellery pieces. Tear drop, floral designs, and animal figures are the popular designs. This sophisticated variety of jewellery is available in antique and rough finish, to cater to varying tastes of the customers.

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