Game with anagrams

Game with anagrams

A few weeks back when I gave English dictation words to my son to check on his spellings I observed that for ‘rare’ he had written ‘rear’.   I realised that indeed there are many words in English in which the alphabets when interchanged give rise to a new word.  These are called Anagrams.  I and my son had a lot of fun making sentences with anagrams.  Of course now his English has also improved.

We take a ‘seat’ in the ‘east’ and ‘gape’ at the ‘page’ in the math textbook.  For my son ‘sauce’ for his bread is sometimes the ‘cause’ for fight with his sister.  And I ‘bag’ their ‘gab’ to give them my advice.   But the ‘rose’ helps to keep their ‘sore’ hearts together.    Later the rose is converted into ‘petals’ and kept in ‘plates’.  Apart from this, their ‘dad’ does ‘add’ a ‘tone’ of musical ‘note’ and ends the ‘raw’ ‘war’ with either a ‘lemon’ or ‘melon’ juice.  Though ‘mama’ in Hindi means maternal uncle, in English it means mother but in Kannada the English ‘mama’ means ‘amma’.

I felt that the ‘dealers’ at the end of the road near our house can become ‘leaders’ if they set up their ‘shop’ in a ‘posh’ area and specifically their shop should ‘face’ the ‘cafe’ as they house the ‘loyal’ form of ‘alloy’ of gold.  This way they can also overcome the ‘cruel’ run for the ‘lucre’, of course, if they ‘care’ for the ‘race’.  And who can deny the fact that it is the ‘doom’ for the husbands when wives come in to ‘mood’ for buying the yellow metal.  Or the ‘least’ the husbands can do for their wives is to allow them to ‘steal’ a glimpse of the ornament.

I ‘lecture’ to my students about our ‘culture’.  I also ‘said’ about so many other things about our tradition on the ‘dais’.  The first ‘seater’ student was like a ‘teaser’ to me because he took my ‘range’ of ‘anger’ to the ‘nadir’ which went down the ‘drain’ when he said, “I ‘detest’ the ‘tested’ topic of heritage”.  Not only this, he always has a ‘tale’ to tell for his ‘late’ coming.  That is why I wrote a ‘remark’ with a ‘marker’ in his diary.
The ‘file’ of my ‘life’ has gone ‘awry’ and I have become ‘wary’ because I have to ‘battle’ with life taking the ‘tablet’ to keep my health.  Hence, to keep the ‘right’ amount of ‘girth’ I take the steps in my building even to the ‘height’ of ‘eighth’ floor.

My friend asked me to ‘keep’ a ‘peek’ on Facebook, but I have decided to ‘stop’ the ‘post’ because I am no longer able to ‘lead’ the ‘deal’.  Now I want to ‘sing’ a ‘sign’ off because I ‘feel’ I want to ‘flee’ this game of anagrams as I am already having reeling sensation and the ‘words’ feel like a ‘sword’.