Tourists stage protest demanding entry into Harangi reservoir

Engineer allows them inside after arguments

Tourists stage protest demanding entry into Harangi reservoir

Demanding entry into Harangi reservoir, tourists staged a protest at the reservoir on Monday.

The tourists had even argument with the authorities concerned.

Though the reservoir is closed for tourists for security reasons, a few tourists who came with recommendations, were let inside. Then another group of tourists who were not allowed to enter, turned furious and questioned the gate keeper for the partiality met with them. In response, the gate keeper said that he would allow them only if they get passes from the reservoir engineer. As tourists forced the staff to get engineer to the spot, engineer did not budge to their demand.

Angered tourists criticised the officials and raised objections over how a few vehicles were let inside despite the ban in force for security reasons. They turned adamant and said they would not allow any vehicles from inside the gate to leave the place until and unless the engineer arrives the spot. Unable to pacify the tourists, Engineer Nethrapalaiah arrived the spot after an hour, Tourists flayed him for violating rules. As the tourists began shouting slogans against him, engineer agreed to take them all inside the gate and showed them the reservoir.

Though the reservoir has remained close for public visit for last few years, it is alleged that the gate keeper has been letting a few inside the gate, by not maintaining the proper registry. The residents in the area have expressed displeasure over the officers for letting the tourists inside the gate.

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