Deft footwork marks vigour, style

Deft footwork marks vigour, style

Whatever dance steps they learnt from their international tutors like popular hip hop dancers Phillip Chbeeb, Kiki Soh and Japox Baturiano were clearly reflected when they came on stage. Ultimately, it was bound to leave the audience awestruck.What more could these students of Big Dance Centre have desired in that moment of appreciation? After months of rigorous sessions with national and international mentors, it was their day to present before the world their talent.

Organised by Big Dance Centre, at Kamani Auditorium, almost 250 talented students presented 12 group performances in international styles like Contemporary, lyrical Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Belly Dance, and Salsa. 

The gala performance kickstarted with a group show by young children. They presented an energetic performance on Gangnam style. It set the mood for the evening.  Then it was the turn of Hip-Hop dancers to raise the excitement level of the audience. It was an amazing act by young boys intensely performed good acrobatic moves. Basically, they brought hip-hop moves close to martial art at one point.

Some exciting moves like the one that made the legs look like a helicopter propeller blades made the audience gasp in surprise. The dancer turned upside down and rotated the entire body on his head - so fast that it looked like rotating blades. Few dancers hopped around the stage in an upside down position on one hand. Somersaults and back-flips filled the performance. One of the dancers spun like a table top, his body on a horizontal level above the floor, supported on one arm. It was breathtaking. 

These were the amateurs! The audience could barely wait for the professional dancers. The team performed a piece called Hometown Glory - a concept based act that presented how we meet people in life and establish relationships with them.  The style chosen for this was Contemporary.

Students of Professional Dance Study Programme (PDSP) also came on stage with their Jazz performance. According to Atul Jindal, Lyrical Jazz dancer, who brought together 50 dancers to perform this piece says, “It was the most exciting performance as fine talents of the group were a part of it.  It took them three months to prepare themselves for this act.”

Atul, also the director of the Centre says, “Nothing could have been more appropriate then PDSP’s act to end the show.  It was great feeling when people gave a standing ovation.”

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