Do some good, share your hair

Do some good, share your hair

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Do some good, share your hair

Not many would like the idea of parting with their hair. Considered the main feature of someone’s personality, especially women, hair are worth more than a beauty ingredient.

Your precious locks can also be used for an equally precious cause – making wigs for patients suffering from hair loss following treatments for their ailments.

“I just realised that hair is such an integral part of a woman's concept of beauty and I wanted to debunk this notion. We should accept ourselves in every light, hair or no hair,” says Tarini Uppal who recently shaved off her head and donated it, to be made into wigs for cancer patients.

Unlike abroad, hair donation in India is not that common. But thanks to the efforts of Yatin Deshpande, a Mumbai-based hair-stylist, make-up artist and cosmetologist who owns Hair Aid; women in India are now largely aware of this cause.

Hair Aid, a Mumbai-based non profit associate of Allure Hair that makes wigs and carries out hair extensions and replacement, accepts hair donations from across the country. The hair are then used to help patients undergoing short or long term hair-loss due to various medical conditions. The basic aim is to encourage women to grow healthy hair and donate it for the noble cause.

Those willing to donate can send their hair by courier or post to Hair Aid. However, to be accepted for donation, hair must be maintained according to certain standards laid down by the organisation. Shaved off hair must be in a ponytail or braid with a minimum length of 14-15 inches (measured from the elastic band of the ponytail to the tips) to be used for making good quality wigs or hairpieces.

Since looking good acts as a feel good factor when someone is suffering from serious medical implications, a contribution like this indirectly helps them to a great extent. “These patients are already going through enough with their treatment and this is a small way in which we can help them,” adds a concerned Tarini.

Such examples go a long way in inspiring others to consider donating for a good cause. “I saw a picture of a pretty girl, with bald head who was suffering from cancer. The thought of donating hair for such patients really overwhelmed me. I can really feel what kind of depression they must be going through. Our simple contribution can give a new meaning to their lives, facilitating their recovery,” shares Archana Verma, a student voluntarily willing to donate her hair for those in need.

It is unfortunate that people have to compromise with their physical appearance following certain medical conditions which they cannot control. But initiatives like these help them lead a normal life. Stars like Preity Zinta have been supportive of the cause too.