An eye for style

An eye for style

A pair of spectacles may have become a fashion statement. Bollywood celebrities — including Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan and Divya Dutta — and Hollywood stars, actors
and models are increasingly seen sporting nerdy yet stylish glasses at parties,
red carpet events and other occasions.

Deepika Padukone’s bespectacled look in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani has been grabbing
eyeballs on-screen as well.

Of late, the trend has even caught on with college students, who try out frames in various shapes and colours just to stand out in the crowd.

“For me, fashion is something that is cool, quirky and grabs eyeballs. Geeky glasses have
become a fashion statement and| almost everyone is wearing them in colleges, offices and for outings with friends for that quirky yet ‘intellectual’ look. They really look cool and adda sense of maturity to one’s face. Oversized spectacles,if carried with the right
attitude, add a quirky touch to one’s personality,” quips Ranjita, a student.

Rachana, a student, adds, “The geeky glasses trend can be mainly attributed to Bollywood divas,who are frequently seen sporting glasses of various patterns, shapes and sizes. Colourful geeky glasses are such a rage now that even youngsters are often seen flaunting them.”

Talking about the trend, Roshni, a young designer, says, “Spectacles have become more than just a accessory that is worn when one has shortsight. They are now
more of a fashion trend. But you have to be particular about what suits you and what doesn’t; certain glasses go with certain face structures. Most of them suit those with an
angular face cut.

Coloured and rimless glasses are a strong but passing trend for both men and women.

To avoid marks on your face, opt for a lighter frame. Oversized glasses can look nerdy and dated, so keep the face structure in mind before opting for them.”

She goes on to add that spectacles have become a must-have accessory.

“While smart bags, sexy footwear, elegant watches and belts are important accessories, even smart eyewear can completely transform your overall personality and add to
the glam quotient,” she says.

One mustn’t forget that as much as these glasses are trendsetters, they are slowly becoming the need of the hour as well.

Eye specialists say that more and more youngsters are prone to headaches and blurred vision at a very early age.

Most of the time, it’s because of long hours spent in front of the computer and television.

“We have many young professionals walking in complaining of headaches and blurry
vision and this is largely because of the long hours spent in front of the computer. Even
reading in bad light can strain the eyes.

One must be very careful and really take care of their eyes,” says Pragnya Shetty, from
Nayana Eye Clinic.

Tanmay, a professional, admits that he started wearing spectacles only after he started work.

“I was in front of the computer nearly six hours a day and then, I would come back home only to watch television or surf the internet. So, I actually never let my eyes rest. I don’t really mind as the glasses give me relief and I don’t have squint to see the screen
anymore. At the same time, they also look good. But I don’t know if I would wear spectacles just for the sake of fashion,” he adds.  

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