The art of making 'chaat'

Clean surroundings

The art of making 'chaat'

It’s not always the tasty food that makes a customer go back to an eatery time and again.

It’s also the welcoming nature of the staff and the friendly atmosphere of the eatery that encourage one to become a regular at a place.

It’s no wonder that when Manjunath, who used to whip up some delicious chaat at VV Puram, moved to Jayanagar – his bunch of loyal customers followed him.

From a cart to a small chaat shop, Manjunath has come a long way and now his Chaats Adda, located at Jayanagar 4th, T Block, has become a popular hangout for even the residents around the area.

The place truly lives up to its name. From the time it opens in the afternoon, there’s not a moment when Manjunath is not surrounded by people waiting patiently for their orders. There are a few plastic chairs kept inside and there’s also a place for people to stand and grab a bite.

“I have been working and making chaat for a very long time in VV Puram and always wanted a place of my own. When I started Chaats Adda, I wanted to provide good, hygienic and healthy food at an affordable price. I am so happy to see the response that I have got from the people here,” he adds.

The place boasts of 40 varieties of items, which include only dry chaat, sandwiches and milkshakes.

So one may not find the usual masala puri, samosa chaat or dahi puri but one can find comfort in unique items like ‘gold finger masala’, ‘floating paani puri’, chakli masala, ‘tomato slice’, ‘baby ring masala’, ‘corn puff masala’, bhel puri and others. Milkshakes and juices, like ‘nannari milk shake’, ‘jeera drink’, ‘rose milk shake’ are very popular.
Sandwiches like chocolate sandwich, chilli cheese toast and vegetable sandwich are a must try.

“We also have something called nippat burger, which is very popular. Most of the items that I make and serve here are learnt over the years in this business. People who love to experiment with something different really enjoy the taste and come back for more,” he adds.

Manjunath also takes very good care of the hygiene level at the place. He is particular about using only mineral water for all the chaat and has kept a separate counter for the chaat and sandwiches. He ensures that his utensils are always clean.

Rajesh, a customer, says, “The fact that the place is clean and the items are tasty is what makes me come back for more. In this weather, chaat is so tempting and it’s always nice to go to a good and clean place.”

Chaats Adda is located at No. 735, 37th ‘F’ Cross, 16th Main, Jayanagar 4 T Block. For details, call 9900143994.

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