A study in perfect movement

Graceful Display

A study in perfect movement

The incessant rains did not deter dance lovers in the City from attending the bharatanatyam concert recently held at Alliance Francaise. It was presented
by Vidwan D Keshava and his daughter Sumitra Keshava. The duo swept the audience off their feet — some of whom were watching a bharatanatyam recital for the first time. Beautiful expressions and footwork made the recital a commendable one and an experience worth remembering.

The father and daughter duo took turns to present various items and started in a very conventional way. While the young dancer showed promise in her moves, the veteran artiste was mesmerising as he presented the fast-paced jatis in his signature style.

Sumitra Keshava was graceful and extremely expressive with her eyes and hand gestures. The different rasas and bhavas portrayed by her seemed to appear even more accentuated and seamless as she presented them in her youthful style.

Her father was no less — the padavarnam, where he narrates a very simple story, was proof of his experience and dedication to the art form. In another elaborate piece that he performed beautifully, a nayika asks the hero what he saw in another woman and what it is that she lacks. The movements were clear and the footwork was crisp. He made sure that there was no confusion between the characters and hence, the piece was heavily applauded.

The audience could be seen watching the show with a lot of interest and fascination. Harini, a student, was mesmerised by the duo on stage. “This is the first time that I am attending a bharatanatyam recital. I have seen my cousins practise dance at home. However, I have never had the opportunity to see a real show. Both the artistes are great dancers. They are elegant and graceful. I really like what I saw today and hope to see more in the future,” she says.

The best was saved for the last as the duo came together on the stage for a well-choreographed piece. They managed to impress the audience with their style.
Parinatha, a professional, attended the show with her family and says that it was the best way to enjoy the monsoon. “What better way to enjoy the rain? Watching such a great performance made my day and it was worth coming all the way to this part of the City,” she notes.

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