Training docs in treating haemophilia

The State government will set up Information Education and Communication (IEC) centres to train doctors and medical personnel at the district level to treat haemophiliac patients in the State.

Health and Family Welfare Minister U T Khader said on Thursday that there were totally 800 identified haemo-philiac patients in the State. “We have not come across any shortage of Factor 8 and Factor 9 Anti-Haemophilia Factor (AHF) for the patients in the district and government hospitals. However, we will enquire into the matter immediately since the MLCs have raised a question on the availability of the medication,” he said.

The statement was made by Khader on the floor of the Legislative Council after questions were raised with regard to the government’s response towards haemophiliac cases in the State. There were problems in procuring the more potent and emergency drug of Factor 9, administered to serious cases of Haemophilia. “The Factor 9 AHF is manufactured by only the Swiss company, Dexter.

There have been certain issues related to the tender process for procuring these drugs and they will be sorted out shortly,” he said.

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