Deer carcass left to rot

Remains of the animal yet to be taken care of

Gendekatte Wildlife Sanctuary, maintained by the department of Forests on the outskirts of the city is in a pathetic condition, with the carcass of a deer not removed even after four days.

The sanctuary that houses a deer park is an example of ill maintenance. The carcass of a young deer that was found dead three days ago was not cleared till Friday evening, emanating a foul smell.

The sanctuary which is situated on Bangalore-Mangalore highway, could have turned into a tourist spot if it had been properly maintained. As the sanctuary is on the outskirts of the city, it has become a haven for the lovers, as there are seldom any visitors.

Deer was bred at the Maharaja Park, in the heart of the city about 15 years ago. As maintenance turned out to be problem, the department of Forests decided to shift it to a safe place and fenced a few acres of land at Gendekatte sanctuary to house these

Though the animals had a vast area of land to graze compared to the park, the condition is worse than ever. The deer were attracting huge crowds, especially the children, at Maharaja Park. Ironically, the department has no idea on the number of deer present at the park and has also become a place for hunting, it is alleged.

The deer park has a lot of eucalyptus and other huge trees. As grass does not grow at these places, the animals do not have sufficient food.

Last year, when the district was reeling under severe drought, water was supplied through tankers to quench their thirst. But with sufficient rains this year, the animals still face shortage of food and fodder.

Some of the farmers who graze the cattle nearby said that grass is grown in the Gendekatte region, but there are no people to feed the deer. Some rare visitors pluck the grass and feed the deer.

A deer lying dead since the last three days and the department unaware of the same is yet again a proof of the ill maintenance, they said.

There are no staff or guards to inform about such incidents and the place is losing its sheen with hardly any visitors.

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