BFC's vision attracts Chhetri

We hope everyone comes to support us: Indian ace

BFC's vision attracts Chhetri

After months of deliberations, Sunil Chhetri finally decided to stay in India, snapping his deal with Sporting Lisbon and joining forces with the newly-formed I-League club Bengaluru FC.

While one would have imagined the ace Indian striker to continue his journey with Churchill Brothers with whom he was on loan since January, Chhetri said the strong vision of Bengaluru FC was what prompted him to take the flight to the Garden City.
“They (the JSW officials) told me what they are planning to do with their new club. Their set-up seemed brilliant and their vision too appeared very good. That prompted me to sign up for them. Before signing any player they signed the coach and had all the set up ready. It just shows their commitment.

“That’s the only reason I left Churchill Brothers where I was really emotionally attached to. It’s a champion club and I would’ve been playing AFC Cup and all, but to come to this club was only because of the set up and the way they wanted to run it,” added the beaming 28-year-old, speaking to reporters after a training session.

Chhetri, who has led the attack for top Indian clubs like Mohun Bagan, East Bengal, Dempo, Churchill and the erstwhile JCT, said he is looking forward to the task of leading a young and inexperienced Bengaluru FC. “I don’t like the word senior. I’ve always enjoyed pressure and generally I shut myself off. When you are a top player, a lot of things are written about -- both good and bad.

“Someday I might score a hat-trick while sometimes I might miss sitters for 3-4 matches in a row. It happens to all of them. But if I keep thinking about that, I will miss the next goal. When I cross the white line, I just focus on the job. I train hard, no matter if I’m playing for the country or club,” he said.

The positive thing about Bengaluru FC’s direct inclusion into I-League is that top-level football will make a return to Bangalore -- where the game has a strong following -- after a one-year gap. “I just love Bangalore, especially the weather. We are a new team and we really need the backing and through your medium (media) I request all Bangaloreans to come and support us. We really need that. One thing is for sure, the whole team will be giving our best. We are going to play for Bangalore and I hope that everybody comes and supports us.”

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