Nothing wrong in seeking inspiration from west: Telugu director

Nothing wrong in seeking inspiration from west: Telugu director

Upcoming Telugu romantic-drama "Abbai Class Ammai Mass" (ACAM) is based on Hollywood romance "Pretty Woman". Its director Srinu Koneti believes there is nothing wrong in seeking inspiration from the west, provided one doesn't copy frame-to-frame.

"My film's theme is inspired from 'Pretty Woman', but not the entire film per se. It's the story between a prostitute and a timid guy and the relationship they share. I have only used the theme of the original, and I don't see what's wrong in it," Srinu told IANS.

"It's absolutely fine to take inspiration from the west and make films to suit our sensibilities. It's only wrong when a person copies a film frame-to-frame without even giving due credit to the original," he said.

ACAM features Varun Sandesh and Haripriya in lead roles. The director has praised the heroine in particular.

"Haripriya deserves a special mention because she is essaying a powerful role in such an early phase of her career. Such roles are played only after a certain age by heroines, but it was brave on her part to take it up," he added.

After a long delay, the film is getting ready for release Aug 2. It is produced by Lakshman Kyadari.

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